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From heartbreak to heart awake

Who can say what has brought Jess and Lindy together? maybe it's the beach, the stars and the warm Turkish night air. But they may as well get settled for the night because Jess has a story to tell and Lindy is ready to listen . . .


Jess had life sorted. A gang of great mates, an adoring fiancé and a thriving business – she couldn't have asked for more. But the proverbial rug is whipped out from under her feet when the fiancé makes a sharp exit on New Year's Eve. Therein follows the Week From Hell, eternally streaked mascara and Chardonnay-a-plenty.


But this is the story of a woman on a path. Sure, there are a number of trips and falls along the way but Jess is on a journey that will change her life. On a boring business course, she remembers what she really wants. Strange new friendships are made, new ideas grow; and a last-minute discount holiday to Turkey helps her heart wake up to a whole new rhythm. A rhythm that is just beginning to get going . . .



Life is Yours


Far from home the soul can roam

There’s something about New Year’s Eve that brings people together. That’s how Jess meets Lindy on a moonlit Turkish beach with midnight fast approaching. She pours out her story of heartbreak . . . but it soon twists into something with a little more soul and a lot more adventure.


Jess’s heart is newly mended. Cracks still healing from an epic break-up, as well as a failing business, she’s booked the trip of a lifetime to Turkey with best mate Gillie. Jess has had it with streaked mascara and sobbing for England – she wants to kick-start a better life for herself and maybe even find a little bit of magic.


Surely travelling round Turkey will do the trick? Jess expects the delicious cocktails, the charming waiters and the golden beaches, but she perhaps isn’t prepared for a mysterious pack of challenges sent by a friend; a book that transforms the way she sees the world; starlit nights that take over the days and an impromptu fortune-telling moment that changes everything . . .



Life is Yours


Time for mending her happy ending



Life is Yours

New Year’s Eve is in full swing. Jess and Lindy have met by chance and already they’re sharing a bottle of wine in a cosy Turkish restaurant. Lindy is hooked on a story Jess is telling, but midnight is coming and happy endings aren’t always guaranteed . . .


After Jess returns from the trip of a lifetime high on hope, ambition and new love, she’s ready to take on the world. She shuts down her business, cuts ties with her ex and announces to everyone the old her is gone.


But a violent encounter rocks her world and her past comes crashing back to haunt her. With a childhood demon to forgive, a long-distance relationship to navigate and that final layer of self-love to uncover, can Jess dig deep and put the final pieces in place before midnight comes knocking?


Can an empty belly lead to a full heart?



Life is Yours

One moody Turkish husband, one screaming toddler, thirty days to find true happiness . . . 


After marrying Mesut, the man of her dreams, having an adorable little boy and moving to a beautiful Scottish seaside town, Jess knows she should feel more grateful. But motherhood is so tough and the cultural gap between her and her husband is starting to show. 


As Mesut prepares for the Islamic month of Ramadan, Jess figures she should support him. She decides to go nil-by-mouth from sunrise to sunset for thirty days, hoping that some spirituality might rub off on her, especially if she records it all on her blog.


When the blog becomes the talk of the town, Mesut objects to his faith being made public. But Jess is certain Ramadan will make her a better person as well as a better mum. With thirty belly-growling days to get through and thirty blog posts to write, could divine intervention be just around the corner? Or will it tear apart everything she loves?


Can solving a murder change your life?

One dead pirate girl. Thousands of eye-patched witnesses. A whole Devonshire town struggling to believe it was murder.


Teenager Paulie Trinket dreams of popularity. After she witnesses something at Berryport’s annual Pirate Festival that could prove local golden girl, Tanya Withers, was murdered, she sees a chance to achieve her dream.


But making herself heard in this small harbour town isn’t easy. When Paulie discovers Berryport’s only detective has retired, she decides to investigate herself. Soon Tanya’s tycoon boyfriend starts acting shady, and Paulie’s offbeat inquiry style lands her a whole new circle of friends she didn’t even ask for.


With a college counsellor hounding her about her ADHD, sudden interest from Hollywood movie-makers, and the threat of her aunt’s bakery business going under, genuine friendship feels more unreachable than ever. Will uncovering the truth about Tanya really be worth it? Or could Paulie’s chance at happiness disappear like a pirate ship lost on a stormy sea?




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